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Jan. 2nd, 2010 | 07:11 pm

Just so ya know, I pretty much only update over on my blogspot

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Indie Socks

Dec. 13th, 2009 | 03:59 am

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November so far

Nov. 24th, 2009 | 07:07 pm

I'm trying my best to be productive so I'll be ready for Bazaar bizarre, time is going by so fast though! I started watching baby Jack(Dusty) twice a week while Jackie's back at work. He's such an easy baby, one of those ones that fools you into thinking you might want to have one :x I can't believe me and Ed's luck in having 3 beautiful amazing bebes in our life. Thursday I will have not smoked in a month, it's been pretty damn easy, especially since I've had 2 rounds of a sinus infection, I hardly think about it at all. Our schedule is extremely messed up, we go to bed between 4-5am and wake up at 2pm, which would be fine except I like daylight and seeing my family and it doesn't really work out too well. Having Ed home is awesome, it took a bit to get used to being together 24/7 again but it's perfect now:taking walks, super mario breaks,play testing all the new meat boy levels, watching insane videos, and staying up super late deliriously laughing at who knows what, to name a few pluses :D That's all for now.

November so far
1. Neighborhood kitty, 2. Signed CD, funny and true, 3. Neighborhood doggy, 4. Painty face wips!, 5. yum<3, 6. yum<3, 7. Untitled, 8. New brooch, 9. New brooch, 10. Untitled, 11. moxpox, 12. New girls, 13. Sleepy Mox<3, 14. Lil Rudy Reindeerling, 15. Chick, 16. *smooch*

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(no subject)

Oct. 4th, 2009 | 03:12 pm

Taking a lil break from the hospital. Ed was in severe pain starting around 12am, he thought it was just his back and food poisoning(the most barfing i have ever heard)around 4:30am i called his mom to take us to the emergency room, thank god she always has her phone by her. At around 10am they found gallstones and he's gonna have his gallbladder removed tomorrow. They gave me a little bed so i can sleep by him. The very good news is he had an ekg and his heart is good and chest x-rays and his lungs are good. We don't have insurance but who really gives a fuck, i just want my special guy to be healthy and home.This is a big wake up call for him/us to start being healthy and he's gonna be 30 in march and i always told him once he hits the big three oh I'm gonna control every piece of food that goes in his mouth! Also tomorrow is our 10 year anniversary, i think i'm getting a jar of gallstones<3

please keep ed in your thoughts and prayers!

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Sep. 29th, 2009 | 09:19 pm

Blargh! Lots has happened, Eli turned one and I still haven't gone through the pictures yet, I took too many. I completed my first wholesale order. I really didn't think i was capable of making 20 of the same thing but I did it.They're Stevens from Ed's new game, Time Fcuk.

Ed finally works just from home now, no more paying for an office he doesn't need! That also means Tommy has been staying with us, which was fun until my special lady time started and then I felt like I was in a cramped hole with the most annoying boys in the world...luckily my brain is recovering and T's mom sent brownies, mine have walnuts in them so Ed wont eat em MUAWHAAHAHA! I totally had to share the cookie that she sent, I should have hid them :x

I bought one plush and did 2 swaps!

First with Cassie of TalkProof

Yummy Plush


I bought my own lil Lauren Smash to live with me and did a Swap with Ninon!! I was her first swap! can you believe that?! JEALOUS!!!

My lil Lauren and Mini Lefantus!

Today I hung with Mom, we had yummy lunch and went to the fabric store. Finally there was new stuff!

new fabric!
New fabric!

I got a new tattoo! It's Guppy as Chococat!
Ooo also this came in the mail last week!

and I'll leave you with something Acacia discovered, I have big auntie boobies! :D

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Happy Birthday little man!

Sep. 19th, 2009 | 02:37 pm

8lbs 12oz


My how you've grown! The most handsome 1 year old in the world<3

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What I've been up to

Sep. 18th, 2009 | 01:13 am

Finlump <3 Sea cucumber

A new creature called a Finlump, and a Sea Cucumber<3

When the moon is full and bright and the tide recedes exposing wonderlands of tide pools Finlumps can be found looking for food, tickling anemones, singing, dancing and enjoying each others company.

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Is it too soon?

Sep. 2nd, 2009 | 07:06 pm

Lil candy corn dudes

Nah, it's flippin September 2nd! Whoa where has the time gone...In November I will have not had a "day job" for a year, I should probably celebrate with a giveaway!

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Happy Monday :D

Aug. 31st, 2009 | 02:48 pm

Alaska Albino Squidling
Alaska Albino Squidling

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(no subject)

Aug. 29th, 2009 | 11:05 pm

We drove all the way to Salinas today , cuz Tommy can only get a prescription (for his vd) at Walmart. Now I know this a regular place for some of you, you have one close by, someone on my FL works there even (Hi!). But lemme tell you, this place scares me. The first time we went to one was in Sacramento a few years ago, so just kinda try to imagine what that would add to the experience, just like the commercials there were 2 elderly people there to greet us at the door. All we needed was packing tape, no one knew where tape was.

Today I was scared going in, mostly from screaming children outside and just as we walked in and I was telling the guys, look! there's no greeter here, this decrepit man bracing himself on a cart welcomes us.That's pretty much it, not very exciting. But explain to me how this place is supposed to be so cheap with 4-5$ clothes but a full size bathmat is flippin $22. I know you were expecting more from this story but I try to stay out of trouble these days.

Then we went to the Mall that has a Sanrio store. So so so disappointing, hardly anything there expect a big display dedicated to Kuromi? I think that's what she's called, a sort of goth bunny thing. She does absolutely nothing for me. I need a store just dedicated to classic Sanrio, even Pekkle can be there, but no Pichacco!

By this time I was disappointed,achy, and bloated. Yes I know, not a good recipe for shopping especially for clothes, but I wanted to buy something to cheer me up. I passed up Torrid because the people there are never nice to me, I'm not fat enough for them so they snub me. So I go to forever 21, I see they have a plus size section, the clothes get uglier and uglier they didn't look like they belonged in the store not to mention I went from the regular clothes, mostly way too small, to ginormous clothes. So either someone bought everything in the middle or there's nothing for me. I'll just keep squeezing into larges for now.

This is my sad attempt at blogging part of my day. I'd like to keep it up but lately it's been me home sewing with the kitties and Ed working suuuper long hours so there's no real time for shenanigans :D

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